Exam period update and COVID-19 safety reminders for students

December 08, 2020 12:00 PM

Hello Western Students,

It is December, and you are almost at the finish line for this semester. 

We’ve heard from many of you that this has been a particularly trying year. The pandemic presents an array of complex challenges and we are making decisions with the new information that comes to light each day. We continue to work closely with health officials, and should things change, we will communicate with you via email, social media and Western’s dedicated COVID-19 website

We continue to be impressed by your flexibility and resilience. Despite all of the challenges you have faced, we hope you take time to reflect on all you have accomplished since September. We also hope you are being kind to yourself. 

There will be times you don’t get the grade you expect or something doesn’t go as planned. I encourage you to read about some of the stories your peers have written about times they have failed and rebounded on our Thrive Online blog. 

As you get ready for winter break, I’d also like to highlight some of the guidelines recommended by the Middlesex-London Health Unit before you leave for the holidays: 

  • Drastically reduce your close contacts with others for 14 days before returning home. This will lower your risk of exposure to COVID-19, as well as the risk of transmitting COVID-19 to others. 
  • If travelling outside of Canada, you should also inquire about the country’s quarantine and testing requirements before leaving and comply with any direction provided. 
  • While at home, please use extra caution and continue to follow health and safety advice, and limit your close contact with others except family in your immediate household. 
  • Once you return in January, please continue to limit close contact to those within your household, dorm room or suite and if you travelled within Canada, limit your activities to only those that are necessary for your academic studies. 
  • Avoid social gatherings, especially for the first 14 days after you return to the Middlesex-London area. 
  • If you travel outside of Canada over the holidays, you will need to quarantine for 14 days upon your return to London and must register your quarantine plan with Western in advance and follow the required steps for international arrival upon your return. 

Below are some options for you to access supports for your academics and well-being, along with reminders about COVID-19 safety. Please reach out and ask for help when you need it. We’re here for you. 

Best wishes, 

Jennifer Massey
Associate Vice President, Student Experience

If you need academic support: 

  • Now is a good time to reach out to Accessible Education if you have any questions about exam accommodations. 
  • Visit the Digital Student Experience website to access learning and academic support. Remember, all of our programming is available virtually. 
  • Contact your academic counsellors with any questions about your program. There is a full list of contact information for each program on the Digital Student Experience website

If you need support for your well-being: 

  • Visit the Health & Student Support page on the Digital Student Experience site for a full list of counselling supports, including 24/7 options available even when the university is closed. 

Health and safety reminders: 

  • If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, isolate immediately and get tested. 
  • Limit close contact to those within your household, apartment or residence room. 
  • If you are seeing others outside your household, apartment or residence room, maintain physical distancing, wear a mask, avoid events or gatherings held in indoor spaces, and minimize the amount of time you spend together.