Safety Ambassadors


Safety ambassadors help ensure COVID-19 protocols are being observed across campus.

Safety Ambassadors – provide surveillance monitoring across campus to ensure a safe environment and compliance with COVID-19 safety protocols. Safety ambassadors will provide reminders  about public health protocols (e.g. physical distancing, masking) and can assist instructors with anyone not adhering to COVID-19 health & safety guidelines.. 

Safety Leads – provide surveillance monitoring and are a point of contact for instructors who need assistance with health and safety compliance issues in the classroom. They are the central point of contact for the Health, Safety & Well-being team.

Instructors can support the building safety efforts by reminding students that no eating or drinking is allowed in the classroom and that masks are to be worn at all times.

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Chain of Response

Chain of response image outlining steps for reporting. Transcript below.

Accessible text-only version:

Step 1: Safety lead

Step 2: Office of the Dean/Health, central safety ambassadors (x85578)

Step 3: Western Special Constable Service: 519-661-3300 (x8300)