Safety Ambassadors


Throughout the fall, building safety ambassadors will help ensure COVID-19 protocols are being observed across campus. The name of the building safety lead in your building is on a tent card at the front of your classroom. 

Building Safety Ambassadors – ensure a safe environment and compliance with COVID-19 safety protocols and our ‘boots on the ground’. They are assigned to one or more buildings aligned with faculties and programs. Safety ambassadors will educate our community about public health protocols (e.g. physical distancing, masking) and can assist instructors with anyone not adhering to COVID-19 health & safety guidelines. They will often be the first point of contact for COVID-19 related questions and have an extra supply of three-layer non-medical masks. 

Building Safety Leads – are a point of contact for instructors who need assistance with health and safety compliance issues in the classroom. They coordinate Building Safety Ambassadors’ schedules and deploy them to classrooms as needed. They are the central point of contact for the Health, Safety & Well-being team.

Instructors can support the building safety efforts by reminding their class to use the exit as marked, to reduce the congestion for the next class coming into the same facility.

For more information, or to contact the ambassador in your building please contact

There are safety ambassadors in the following locations:

Building Faculty
UC Arts & Humanities
WIRB Arts & Humanities
VAC Arts & Humanities
FEB Education
ACEB Engineering
SEB Engineering
TEB Engineering
FNB FIMS/Health Sciences
AHB Arts & Humanities
3M Law
AH Law
LB Law
Libraries Libraries
Ivey Ivey
B&GS Science
MC Science
MSA Science
NCB Science
PAB Science
WSC Science
SSC Social Sciences
Kresge SSMD
WSSB Office of the Registrar
WSRC Office of the Registrar
SSB Human Resources
TC/MB  Music
UCC Human Resources


Chain of ResponseChain of response image outlining steps for reporting. Transcript below.

Accessible text-only version:

Step 1: Buiding safety ambassador

Step 2: Building safety lead

Step 3: Office of the Dean/Health, Safety, and Well-being (x85578)

Step 4: Campus police: 519-661-3300 (x8300)